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Departmental Course Schedule


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  Courses in the H. L. Wilkes Honors College are open to Honors College students, as well as to other students by permission. Contact the instructor to request override permission.

Courses are numbered as follows:
1XXX to 4XXX = Undergraduate (Ex. ACG 2021) 5XXX to 7XXX = Graduate (Ex. PAD 6063)

If you register for any course listed as a graduate course as defined above you will be charged the graduate tuition and fees. If you see "LEVEL" in your Current Schedule this is classifying you as an Undergraduate or Graduate student. This does not refer to whether or not the course is an undergraduate or graduate course.

Class Meeting Days - meeting days are displayed as follows: M= Monday; T= Tuesday; W= Wednesday; R= Thursday; F= Friday; S=Saturday; U= Sunday (Example, A class listed TR meets Tuesday AND Thursday).

Instructional Methods: This describes how the class will meet:
1) In Person – meets in a classroom face to face with the professor and other students.
2) Video Streaming – the class can be viewed in another location via the internet.
3) Fully Online – meets 100 percent via the internet.
4) Mostly/Mixed Online – the class will meet some percentage of time in a classroom and some percentage of time via the internet; check with your instructor for specifics on in person/online meeting requirements.


Please note that there may be additional fees for the proctoring of exams for some courses that do not meet face-to-face. Please consult with the course instructor to confirm if additional exam costs will be incurred.

To retrieve Schedule Information:
Select the following in sequential order: 1) Term, 1a) Part of Term (Summer term only), 2) Campus, 3) College, 4) Department, 5) Level, 6) Instructional Method.
Select at least: a Term, a Part of Term (Summer term only), and a Department.

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